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Divine Space - Colour Therapist training academy / manufacture and distribution of colour therapy oils and angel sprays / colour therapy for salon and home use

wings Divine Space offers various Colour Therapy courses and workshops to help you understand and work with colour in many different ways. Our jewel like range of Oils of Transformation and Angel sprays are the foundation for this work.  Each colour relates to a different aspect of your life and when you use them, they are able to bring emotional balance and support which in turn alleviates physical dis-ease. If you are ready to change your life and make a difference in the world this is a wonderful place to start.

These are some of the COLOUR THERAPY COURSES offered:

  • The Magic of Colour Workshop: teaches you how to do an insightful 9 bottle Colour Reading using the Oils of Transformation, Light Matrix oils and the Angels of Transformation sprays - this offers a multi-layered assessment which lays the foundation for change
  • The Mystery of Colour Workshop: Include the angelic Divine Transformation oils to your assessments, with many supportive healing processes you can use
  • Antaneea Technique Course A transformative Colour Massage using the healing properties of loving touch, coloured oils, sound vibrations and energy healing.  This therapy begins the process of anchoring change in to body, and is deeply supportive and transformative.
  • Infinity Keys Divination set using Sacred Geometry, Colour and symbols.

Supportive Products:

  • Oils of Transformation   body and bath oils that help to balance emotional issues (that may cause physical dis-ease)
  • Angels of Transformation Aura Sprays that balance the chakras and increase auric protection. They are also used for Space Clearing, as they instantly raise the vibration in any environment
  • Divine Transformation Angelic oils that invite Divine Protection and Support
  • Goddess Sprays Anchors Goddess Light

Enjoy browsing through the site - there is much information that can assist your journey. The monthly newsletter - (click on link on the right of your screen) is an especially interesting read. This is a free service and includes information on earth shifts and changes, and how we respond to them physically and emotionally.


Featured products
Pink - Angelic Wings of Love Spray
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Pink - Angelic Wings of Love Spray

This essence brings in love and calms aggression in any situation. Use it in any environment if you want to calm emotions and open hearts.

Our price: R150.00

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Blue - Oil of Transformation
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Blue - Oil of Transformation

This is the ultimate calming remedy. Helps you speak your truth. Relieves sore throats, stiff necks, insomnia and any inflamation or pain. Brilliant to calm children in the evening.

Our price: R150.00

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Please check out our new updated website:
We have changed the format of the newsletter, and rather than doing extensively long postings, we are now doing shorter blogs - more often; These are posted on the new website - so please do subscribe for these uplifting and informative writings (on the new website).

An added feature we have to offer you on that website - is the ability to do your own colour reading.  This gives you insight into where y...

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